Gender Points to God

Gender Points to God
(And maybe that is why Satan seeks to destroy it.)

If we are to believe the theory of evolution, we must accept a fantastic notion: apes evolved into mankind. Let us consider a male ape. Some genetic mutation occurs which somehow makes a beneficial change to his genetic code, making him into a human. Now in order for this change to be propagated to the next generation, THE SAME mutation must happen in the female, because as we know, chimps and humans cannot interbreed.

Or let us take the idea that nonsexual organisms evolved into sexual creatures...say bacteria to fish. Each bacteria had to come up with the whole intricate biological system, hormones, reproductive organs, DNA recombining mechanisms for the male creature to form, and then sulmutaeosly the female creature to form. Not to mention that these hormonal sysyems etc. have to appear fullly formed, since half a hormone is of no use.

It is a simpler explanation of what we see: that God created them male and female.