Children in Cages

I listened to the testimony of a woman who had been sex trafficked as a child, and had been subjected to torture/mind control. She spoke of how she was raped when 6 years old by people like Richard Nixon. She was taken to Bohemian Grove and raped by Billy Graham. Her life was an unimaginable horror before Jesus saved her out of it.

Hating God

I used to hate God. It's hard to say why I was so mad at Him. He hadn't done anything to me. It's like I blamed all the bad things that happen in this world on Him. So I hated Him. I denied his existence, which didn't make any sense why I should hate this person that didn't exist.

While I was in this state, someone prayed for me. Someone shared the news that I was headed for hell. They also shared the news that though I was a sinner, Jesus the Christ died in my place, rose from the dead on the third day, and now I can have everlasting life when I put my trust in Him.

I love the Utah Jazz

I love the Utah Jazz. It's great watching Ricky Rubio drive to the hoop, or those lobs to Rudy. I love seeing Joe Ingles get under the other team's skin. I loved how they shut down that Hardin guy. It's all a lot of fun, and very exciting to watch.

But reflecting on the end of the year,, these guys put in so much effort to win. Even if they won everything, won the championship, what does it mean? You can achieve fame and fortune, but what have you really accomplished of lasting significance?

On Christian Reincarnation

A man I met said that he was a Christian and he also believed in reincarnation.  Hopefully I can state his case for this faithfully.  He said that he liked reincarnation as an explanation of why bad things happen to good people.   The main example from the Bible he used were the verses that "you reap what you sow."  He also gave the example of Elijah being reborn as John the Baptist.  He said that Jesus was a reincarnation of Adam, and was paying for the sins of Adam.    He thought that people got  ~10 lives, and then that was it.

My Body, My Choice

I used to buy into the argument, "My body, my choice." It is true, you shoud have a right to do what you wish with your own body. For exampe, you can decide to put a lot of alcohol in your body every day. My question is, though, is this a good choice? With drinking large amounts of alcohol every day, there are repercussions. The alcolhol will over time destroy your liver, which is much needed for survival. Drinking large amounts of alcohol is known to often hurt others, as with drunk driving.

Cult of Victimhood, Part 2

There are many reasons why you would not want to glory in your own victimhood. Some I mentioned from part one:

Most healthy cultures lived by the idea, "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."
Forgiveness is a healthy trait, whether you are a Christian or not, and we Christians are commanded to forgive one another. Focusing on being a victim pretty much rules out having forgiven the person.
Christians are told to count it all joy, whatever trials we go through.

Cult of Victimhood

Today I would like to address this new cult of victimhood that is becoming so prevalent in our society. People are scrambling to become part of a victimized class -- women, black, gay, etc. etc. etc. The more victimized groups you can belong to, the more special treatment you can receive. This is a problem in many ways. If you go through life viewing yourself primarily as a victim, it stunts your growth.

Grievous Billboards

These are real billboards that I have seen in the Dallas area recently that caused me to grieve. Are we really so narcissistic? Have we really become this pathetic? Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Abortion is Self-Care



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