A Honest to Goodness Miracle of God

I mentioned this on facebook when it happened, but was realizing that I never wrote out what happened to me in a coherent fashion. So here it is...

My husband and I drive a truck, and we were delivering in Keene, NH. We parked in the alley behind the store we were delivering to, since there are no truck stops in the Keene area. This was on the weekend and we were to deliver our load on Monday. I usually drive in the early morning hours, like 2 am to noon, and then my husband takes over. But when we are not going anywhere, like on this day, I tend to wake up in the middle of the night anyway. So on this day I woke up before dawn and had to use the restroom, which meant I had to walk down this alley to the gas station about 2 blocks away. It's little ole Keene, NH....not Manhattan or St. Louis or something, so wasn't particularly worried about this.

I walked down the alley to the main street. It was really quiet, only one car drove by. That car went past me and pulled into the shopping center parking lot and turned around. I didn't think much of it and went into the gas station. When I came out and started walking back to the truck, I didn't see anyone driving around.

It was when I started walking down the alley that I got into trouble. There's nothing back in the alley except the backs of stores and our truck. As I'm walking back to the truck, that same car that passed me and turned around turned into the alley. I suddenly knew I was in real trouble. He was going to reach me before I got to the truck. I cried out to God for help. The man drove by without looking at me. He kept driving slowly until he turned the corner behind the buildings. I jumped in the truck and woke Russell.

As I told Russell what was happening the man returned. He never glanced up at the truck. I sat there in the front seat watching him as he drove by, like 5 or 6 times he went back and forth, looking for me as far as I could tell. But he never looked at the huge truck back there, which was the only thing in the alley. He just kept driving back and forth down this alley that went nowhere. We could see his face in the street light and it was eerie how he wouldn't look at us. I think God blinded his eyes to us, just like happened in the Bible when God blinded the eyes of the enemies of his people.

Made me shake like crazy to write this down. Thank you Lord, for saving me.