Death of a Child

I am told that having your child die is one of the worst pains you can experience in this life. It goes against the usual order. Children should not die before their parents. They have only just begun to live. How much they miss out on! Who would that child have grown up to be? Would he or she have done something great for the world? Cured cancer? Been an artist creating beauty for all to experience? An inventor making life easier for all?

But imagine, if you will, how much worse it would be to accidentally cause that child's death. Say you've had too much to drink, drive anyway, and crash, causing your child's death. On top of the horrible pain of losing a child, you'd have the knowledge that it was your actions that inadvertently caused it.

Now imagine, if you will, intentionally causing your child's death. You decide you don't want this child, and decide the way to deal with it is to hire someone to kill him or her. Imagine your regret later when you, when no longer in a panicked/stressed state, realize exactly what you have done. Murder. Your own child. Taken an innocent life.

This last scenario is abortion. I am writing to any who might consider abortion when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Abortion might seem like an expedient solution to the problem at the time, but it is a solution that will leave you with a lifetime of regret. I am asking you not to do this thing. There are better alternatives to murdering your own child. Find someone who will help you raise the baby. Adopt the baby out. There are other ways, more humane ways.