Do Whatever you Like, as Long as you Don't Hurt Anyone Else

Do what you like as long as you don't hurt anyone else: it's the motto of libertarianism, and it's the motto of the church of satan. But is it a good way to live? Living by it would eliminate a lot of pretty nasty behavior...murder, rape, theft, so in that sense, it seems like a good idea. What proponents of this philosophy fail to factor in is, "Do my actions hurt the God who created me?"

Now I realize that many of this philosophy's believers deny the existence of a Creator, but if you take a while to ponder the evidence, it should become obvious that evolution cannot be true. Take for example, DNA. Without DNA/RNA. Now DNA can only be constructed with the help of a protein, DNA Polymerase. The information to assemble DNA Polymerase is encoded in a molecule of .... you guessed it DNA. I hope you can see the conundrum. Which came first, the DNA or the DNA Polymerase? This, and many more parts of the amazing human anatomy, only make sense if we were created, fully formed.

The God who created us, and all this world has property rights on the earth. He made it with a word. He can destroy it with a word. Like it or not, He gets to make the rules. But like a good father, His rules are just and they are good. They are for our protection and to accomplish His purposes. Now this God also gave us free will. We have the choice whether to follow Him, or to go our own way. With the "Do what you like as long as you don't hurt anyone else" way of life, it is You deciding what is best, rather than the God who created you deciding. I have experienced what it is like following my own way. It left me flat out on the floor, weeping, suicidal. Now I have experienced what it is like to follow God's way, and I have joy and peace.

People who believe is going their own way think they are good people. But are you a good person? Have you really never told a lie? Have you never taken something that wasn't yours? Have you never slept with someone you shouldn't have? But that would be man's standard for goodness. God's standard is much higher: perfection. Have you looked at a woman with lust? Have you been angry with someone? By God's standard, we all fail the goodness test. The punishment for this is death, and this death is eternal, in hell, separated from all goodness which is God himself.

But God did something amazing for us. He was born as a man, walked the earth with us, taught us many things, and chose to suffer and take on himself the penalty for our wrongdoing. Jesus died on the cross, taking our place there. And now, when we repent of the wrong we have done, and put our trust in Jesus, his death and resurrection, we can have eternal life with Him, forgiven, loved. "But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5