Life is Good!

Three day weekends, fun, family, is good. You have your job and everything is going well. Maybe you have all your bitcoin money. You have a nice house. You have good food. Everything is great!

But have you considered where this all came from? Who made these things possible? Was it your own effort? Did you make the Earth and the soil that grew the crops? Did you create the animals that bear burdens and provide us food? Did you create man and give him his abilities to work and prosper? Did you create the air you breathe and the water you drink? Can you make life out of nothing?

Have you considered what will happen when your life ends? Will there be nothingness as the scientists try and make you believe? Or will there be more?

The Bible has the answers to these questions. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." He created the animals and plants. He created man in His image. Have you ever given Him thanks and praise for any of this?

The Bible tells of the creation, but also the story of some of mankind's interaction with Him. It tells of how men disobeyed God and become separated from Him. It tells how God in His mercy sent his own beloved Son, Jesus, to take the punishment for our disobedience and make a way for God and men to be reconciled. It tells what happens when life on earth ends. These are good things to know! In it you will read that Jesus gave his life to save YOU, and when you accept his sacrifice on your behalf, repent of your disobedience, you can have eternal life with him in heaven. But if you reject Jesus' payment for your sins, you pay for them yourself, and instead of resurrecting to life in heaven, you face eternal torment.

Life IS great. It is an amazing miracle from God, and everything good comes from Him. I urge you to give Him praise for this, and to become reconciled to Him today.