Everything is Stacked Against Us

Whenever someone comes to believe the Truth of the Bible, it is an honest to goodness miracle. There is so much stacked against people seeing the truth, especially here in the US. We are inundated with lies. Schools indoctrinate us into evolution, and globe earth, and billions of years, and scientism. The television reinforces what the schools teach, and show you how you can have your best life now, and sin without repercussions. Political correctness of society tries to mold people into the shape the elite wish them to be -- unquestioning and conforming to the mad sinning commercial culture. Deviation from the political correctness means enduring ridicule or other persecution. Around the world, believing the Truth of the Bible could mean physical persecution. According to a Fox News report, nearly 1 million Christians have been killed for their faith in the last 10 years. Many more are tortured, inprisoned, beated, burned out of homes/churches.

Satan is called the prince of the power of the air. He is in control of the airwaves. He basically controls every leader of every country of this flat earth. His purpose is to deceive and keep mankind from achieving what God meant them to be: humble servants giving glory to the God who made them, having dominion over the earth and all that is in it. The lies people have to wade through to get to the Truth are far too numerous to list.

What is this truth that the world system and their leader Satan are going to so much trouble to hide? There is a God who created us. He made a beautiful enclosed earth for us, with a sun and moon and stars inside for seasons and times. He meant for mankind to have eternal life in harmony with Himself. That God, who gave us everything, also requires things of us. He requires obedience. Rulebreaking aka sin is punishable by death. Adam and Eve, the first people, sinned and brought death into the world. God allowed sin to be temporarily paid for through bloodshed. Animals were sacrificed to pay for the sins of the people. For the Passover, a perfect lamb was selected and kept in the home for a time. The family got attatched to the adorable little animal in that time. It became a wretch to slay the animal after that. They really had to feel like they were giving up something precious. God, in His infinite wisdom, provided a perfect sacrifice to pay the penalty for mankind's many sins. He gave up the most precious thing in the Universe. God came down and was born of a virgin. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life. He allowed himself to be sacrificed on the cross. Three days later, He rose from the grave. This one sacrifice paid for all the sins of mankind. Now, when one recognizes what Jesus has done for him, and repents of sin, that is turns away from sin and asks for forgiveness, then one can be born again and inherit eternal life.

Following after Satan's lies means forfeiting all the above, and sharing in the punishment designed for Satan and his fallen angels: eternity in the lake of fire.

The odds are stacked against us, but God. But God is so much more powerful than Satan or any deceiver in this world. God can change the most horrible sinner's heart, from one of rebellion to one of repentence and gratitude. He did with me. I was a most vile sinner: a murdering, lying, fornicator. I hurt so many people in my rebellion. I grieved God too. I was an atheist most of my adult life, but God changed me forever. Now I want to live for Him, and give Him glory. He saved me out of the horrible mess I'd made of my life, and He saved me from Hell.

It is said that all of heaven rejoices every time a sinner repents. Will you bring tears, or rejoicing to those in heaven?