It's all about the question, "Who is God?"

On a world scale, the question dominating world events is: Who is God?

Will the answer be God and His kingdom: TRUTH, justice, mercy, love, forgiveness, humility, family, generosity.

Will it be Satan and his kingdom? Satan's kingdom consists of: LIES, deception, hatred, greed, revenge, lust, perversion, murder, envy, false religion (i.e. Islam, Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism, alien worship...). It is all designed to separate you from the one true God, the Creator, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. It is all designed to keep you part of Satan's kingdom.

Why are so many concerned about who will control this tiny slip of land called Israel? Why fight over Jerusalem? It is over the question, Who is God? Will it be the One who put His name on Jerusalem, the One who made the place, who gave it to the Hebrews? Or will it be Satan the usurper?

When a war is fought over oil, will greed, i.e. Satan's kingdom win, or will it be the God of mercy, forgiveness, generosity?

On a personal scale, the most important question you can answer is: Who is God?

Will your focus be lust? Will you obsess over the Kardashians and narcissim and materialism? Will money be your god, and work for ever more material wealth? To be a part of this world's system (set up by Satan) is to be a part of something temporary and meaningless.

To be a part of God's kingdom, you let go of the fleeting pleasures and work toward the long lasting, the stable. It's like having a series of one night stands vs. working toward a loving marriage lasting a lifetime. The one is easy, but leaves you empty, The work and the effort of the latter makes it all the more worthwhile and meaningful. In God's kingdom, one's focus is on the eternal.

Satan's kindom says Do what thou will is the whole of the law.

God's kingdom says Respect God, respect your parents, don't envy, don't lust, don't steal, don't murder.

Which do you think it more stable?

If you wish to become a part of God's kingdom, just tell Him so. Pray and tell God that you will follow Him. Ask Him to forgive you for what you've done while in Satan's kingdom. Repent of those things, meaning turn away from the things of Satan's kingdom. Read God's word, the Bible.