The Next Step

NAMBLA magazine cover

The Next Step in God's Kingdom

God and His Spirit lead followers gradually along. He gives them the next step in their progress. Each step leads them to be more like Himself. His attributes are holiness, goodness, truth, self-sacrifice, lovingkindness, patience, longsuffering and many more. Each step that God leads his followers along helps them eliminate the opposite from their lives, and increase in God-emulating attributes. So slowly He will reveal to each individual how he's being greedy, or impatient, or untruthful and He will help them replace those things with generosity, patience, honesty...

The Next Step in Satan's World System

Satan and his followers encourage those entangled in the world system to new steps along the way to complete debachery. For example in this country, we had the sexual revolution of the '60s, which lead to the destruction of marriage, unplanned pregnancies, abortions, sexual diseases. The next step was LGBT rights. Now the next step Satan is trying to lead society is that the rape of little children is OK. I actually heard a TED talk saying how we need to sympathize with these poor pedophiles.

Where will you draw the line? Will it be when YOUR child is raped by pedophiles so badly that he wll have to wear diapers for the rest of his life? Or is there no line in the sand for you? Do you love your own sin so much that you will continue to go along with Satan's world system, no matter what debachery it brings? Will you continue with your mindless bleating of "Love is love" until rapists and murderers are given rights to engage in their filth openly?

Please watch this eye-opening documentary on the Rockefeller funded program to normalize pedophia:
The Kinsey Syndrome

Photo: NAMBLA (National Man Boy Love Association) magazine cover depicting two men cornering terrified boy.