Grievous Billboards

These are real billboards that I have seen in the Dallas area recently that caused me to grieve. Are we really so narcissistic? Have we really become this pathetic? Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Abortion is Self-Care

I saw this one in a poor, predominately black neighborhood in Dallas yesterday. It's right by where we work on I45. It appeals to the me-first culture that is so prevalent now. You gotta think of yourself first. Look out for number 1. It completely fails to mention that having an abortion will destroy you emotionally. You cannot murder your own baby and remain unscathed. I know, it almost killed me with the guilt and remorse. I killed my babies, and that can never be undone. By the grace of God, I was saved from hell by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Thank you Jesus for making me clean again and setting me free!

Also, you gotta wonder, who is trying to get black women to murder their babies? I don't see billboards like this in white areas of the city. We know that the founder of planned parenthood wanted to rid the world of the black people. Margaret Sanger was an avowed racist.

Abortion is not self-care. It is murder. It is not taking care of your family. It is killing your family.

Ladies! Double your Closet Space!

That sounds nice, huh? Have some more closet But then you realize that the billboard is promoting divorce. It was put up by some divorce lawyers whose clients are mainly women. No words for this. The self-centeredness of actually considering divorce in order to get more closet space. I want to throw up. I guess no one ever accused lawyers of having a soul.

Imagine if You Were Denied Health Care Because of who you Love

Boo-hoo...I don't have health care paid for by someone else either. But I'm not running around pretending that I'm some sort of victim because of it. I pay for my own goods and services. I am a grown up.