Children in Cages

I listened to the testimony of a woman who had been sex trafficked as a child, and had been subjected to torture/mind control. She spoke of how she was raped when 6 years old by people like Richard Nixon. She was taken to Bohemian Grove and raped by Billy Graham. Her life was an unimaginable horror before Jesus saved her out of it.

One part of her story really struck me. She interacted with a group of children who were in even worse conditions than her. They were born just to be used, beaten, sacrificed. Their births are never registered, so no one knows to look for them. They are kept in cages their whole lives. These particular children had never seen the outdoors. She was telling them what the outdoors was like, and they told her that yes, the light man had told them of these things. Jesus had been visiting these most wretched of all humans and telling them of beautiful things.

In thinking on this story, I realized that we are much like the children in those cages. Jesus said he came to set the captives free. We all start out imprisoned by the evil in this world, though unlike these children, it is evil we ourselves have done. Jesus is our only light, our only comfort and our only hope.

I don't know why Jesus does not just immediately smash all the gross evil in the world such as is being done to children like these. I do know he gives us a choice, and time to make the choice. Choose the Creator of all, who heals, who loves us so much he sent his Son to die in our place for our sins, the one who told us to love one another. Or choose Satan's kingdom, where children are used to gain power, where every sort of evil is engaged in. I do know when we turn to Jesus in our darkest times, he delivers us out of our troubles.

God's Kingdom: love even your enemies, family, children, generosity, hope, freedom, repentance, joy

Satan's kingdom: drinking the adrenaline blood of tortured babies to give yourself long life, murder, rape, everything against God: homosexuality, transgenderism, bestiality

Which kingdom will you choose? There are only 2.