God is Good

I was driving a truck kinda like the one in the picture, with temporary mudflaps strapped on the back. I'd had a lot of problems and was rather late delivering the truck, and the people really wanted it that day, so I was trying to hurry. Along the way I looked in my mirrors and saw that one of the mudflaps was starting to come off, and was blowing around in the wind a lot. I didn't want to get pulled over for a missing mudflap, and said a prayer in passing, "Oh please, Lord, don't let that mudflap fall off until I get to my delivery." I still had about 200 miles to go. The roads were very bumpy, and those partial trucks really bounce around. I made it to my delivery and parked. When I walked around to the back of the truck I noticed the mudflap was gone. But then I realized it was laying on the ground right below the bracket, as if it had fallen off as soon as I parked! God is very literal, and especially kind!