Dreams and Visions of Soon Attack on US

Mark Murchison

Heard the words:
Fire in the hole
preemptive strike
Got this verse:  whosoever shall call on the name of the lord shall be saved



pastor dana coverstone

sept pulled off an put in front of altar, stand on it

pray for:
church to have a strong backbone
have a great harvest
corruption in church to be exposed

a solemn assembly

fires around america
fires of revival
fires of opposition
storm clouds
demonic warfare

end of month - heavens open. arise my bride and prepare to pray.  prepare for battle prepare to see my face.  For I am coming soon and my reward is with me



October blown by strong wind
2-3 week of october
wicks coming out of heads of radicals were lit
heads exploded
fires all around them
elderly attacked
100 dollar bill burning and being lowered like a flag on pole, 1/3 burned dollar dying taps playing, god of dollar

relentless attacks on believers, few in numbers
small gate

puffed up rich drunk preachers, prosperity preacher, soon naked
rug pulled out from underneath of them, money flying out from them
when landed bit through their tongues

clowns preventing voting, distrating people juggling sinister skits

billboard passover 2021 big things coming for the world
white figure, do not stop bracing for the storm will not pass until I stop the storm.  so brace, brace, brace yourselves and don't look back.

tap and hold 31st


april may june calendar people wearing masks. lines in hospitals, protests, people hiding in homes Pandemic headlines

july aug sept underlined, oct nov underlined fist balled up and hit calendar
Russian and Chinese troops, UN troops, mass chaos and violence, people running constant gunfire, people hiding in homes in homes in dark with guns, capitals surrounded, vultures over washington dc, sky dark, white house oval office empty desk empty, long conference table with senators only sitting in a peaceful room, chaos outside, they were resolute on table briefcases, stacks of brief cases, former senator out of dakota area handing out file folders, locked them in the cases,

wolves sleeping in a field. dark figure in cape with whip, whips wolves, stirring them up, he stops and points and says go into the cities.  

wall of tv screen with himself preaching and his associates preaching hard gospel, sweating, steam coming off heads, some people in church are sleeping, impatient wanting to go home, small group praying wailing, listening

howls outside, prayer warriors turned to them, wolves come in, walked between pews, sat by the people who were sleeping and impatient.  they started to pet the wolves and calling out the preachers.  Wooden pulpits chopped to bits, hammered, courtrooms, men yelling saying to stop preaching.  christians being beaten

glowing white figure:  brace yourself and endure to the end

Sept huge intentional wave of covid expon worse actual crowded hospitals...not saying it was virus something making people sick

brace yourself endure until the end

russian soliers telling chinese what to do

banks with roofs tilted off, money flying out

no quarters, have to raise prises, hyperinflation


calendar.  white figure.  part2  june july aug sept tap 3x oct nov underline, fist hit calendar

cloud of chaos
businesses shut
schools closed
banks with roofs taking off money flying up
politicians making deals in back rooms
DC burning
fires everywhere
people rounded up
blue helmuts UN
no sign of trump or leadership
vulture over cities now gargoyles
then brace yourself brace yourself brace yourself


philip blair
saw russian warplanes over american skies
night donald trump elected, he dreamed all night about mark of beast


dean odle
july 17 2019 dreamed:
china invade west coast
russia in alaska and east coast
mexico gangs invade from south
mulims invade from canada
started by chinese invading taiwan
chinese will get as far as colorado, then god turns them back

oct 27 2019
God said:  Judgement will come to America but I will not make a full end.  I have a remnant in this country and I will tend to my remnant. They will turn many to righteousness and faith in Me. The shaking must come but do not fear for my flock for I will be with you until the end...and I will return.

Dumitru Duduman
SF destoyed by russians
" When he moved to America Dumitru Duduman received a vision from the Lord and Gabriel showed him all of Californian, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada,  and Florida and was told that these cities were as Sodom and Gomorrah and that in one day it would burn. He was told that Revelation 17,18 and Ezekiel 38,39 talks of the Russian in invasion of America Mystery Babylon and in one day it will burn."


my Mom
dreamed in early 80s
spotlights in sky making:
star of david
muslim cresent moon and star
hammer and scicle
she said oh that's signs in the sky

Another dream:
walking on the oregon coast, looking at shells
water started behaving strangely
Jesus and the 12 walking on water towards them
she starts crying out messiah and singing hymns and saying it's the king it's the king
tries to show people that jesus coming back, but no one would look up and see

living in Florence after I graduated college 1989
Dreamed of attack on both coasts at the same time, Nuclear
so frigntening that she thought her heart would stop


Charles Turner June 30, 2020

something very dark coming
dreamed when trump elected about all the hostility

saw 3 pastors who knew each other
each pastor in royal chair
separated from each other, and they were high up
sitting quiet not moving
each had a torch shooting fire
elevated in air, people under them, massive numbers of people
pandemonium panic and chaos
very violent
pastors strategically placed in varous parts of US
oeioke robbing each other...cars houses food
Loud voice said Bloodshed
people attacking each other no police, chaos

woke and started praying

slept again and dreamed
same 3 pastors, bigger, higher
people were trying to find light, all were in darkness
people shooting each other
prayed in dream, asked God to help
Chinese and Russian military coming in to maintain peace
no US military seen
soldiers rounding up people in camps, taking guns
Lord shouted Sept, Oct, Nov


received interpretation
3 pastors are trinity
christ is pastor in middle
silence from the pastors for teaching
we're supposed to be preeaching Get Ready for the Return of the Lord
God is still able to take care of these problems if people turn to Him
God says, Turn to Him now.

president trump not in power to do anything about it


Bob Ware
Dream of UN Troops patrolling his street