Reason for My Hope

Fighting depression and despair? Seem like everything around you is going mad?

I wish to share with you why I can have hope in times such as these.

I read the Bible and I can see that:

*God is very very good.
The Bible shows us how God created everything and provided all that we needed for life.
*God keeps His promises.
So many promises and predictions have been fulfilled. Example: God said He would drive his people out of the land of Israel that He gave them if they did not obey. He did that the final time in 70AD. He also promised that He would bring them back again. When in history has a people been driven out of their land and maintained their cohesiveness as a people for near 2000 years, and been brought back to their land? No one but God could have done this. But this is just one of MANY promises that God has made and fulfilled.
*All good things come from God, for example: peace, joy and love.
Since God made all things, all good comes from Him. But it is clear when we walk with him, and follow His instructions, peace, joy, love, etc. are the result.

In my own experience I can see that:

*God is very very good.
I look around me and see the stunning beauty of the world that God created. It is absolutely teeming with life. There is the beauty of watching a bird fly, or the wonderful colors in the flowers or the rainbow, or a sunset. He made these things for our pleasure and His glory. He gave us life and everything we need to maintain that life.
*God changed me.
I was really a rotten person. I was doing drugs. I was sleeping around, which broke up marriages, and caused me to have unwanted pregnancies. This in turn caused me to become and murderer and kill my own unborn children. It was like I couldn’t stop sleeping around even if I wanted to, even though it caused me and others massive heartbreak and misery. When I reached my lowest and wanted to kill myself, God had mercy on me and saved me. I found out about His promises that even though I was a rotten sinner, if I repented and turned to Him I could be made clean and inherit everlasting life. I had been an atheist all my adult life, but I repented and asked Him to forgive all I had done, and told Him I would fight Him no longer. My life has never been the same. All my misery has been turned to joy.
*God has done miracles to protect me.
I have related these events elsewhere, but God has done amazing things for me personally. One event was when I was walking alone at night, and a man started following me in his car. As far as I can tell, God blinded the man’s eyes and allowed me to reach my truck safely. If you want to hear the whole story, I can point you to it, and other things He has done miraculously in my life.

What we are experiencing right now is the beginning of God’s righteous judgment on the Earth. God is taking his hand away and letting evil have it’s way. It is if He is saying, OK, you didn’t want me, you wanted sin, so I will let you have your way. I think he is removing His protection and letting us go our own way for a time. But then comes his wrath on the world.

Even the period of God’s wrath on the world shows His goodness and mercy. During this period, people will be given a last chance to turn from their wickedness and turn toward God and his righteousness. He has promised eternal Hell for those who reject Him. He keeps His promises. He could not be a just God if He did not punish wickedness.

If you say, “Well, I am not wicked like murderers and thieves and child molesters.” That may be true, but in the absolute perfection of God’s great justice and goodness, none of us can be called good. We have all sinned. Have you ever lied? Taken some small item that wasn’t yours, even a pen? Have you looked at a person with lust? Have you been angry with someone and refused to forgive? These things are all sin and are punishable by death in Hell.

And if you say that no one can meet God’s standards, you are correct. But, God in His goodness and mercy made a way for sinners like you and I to be reconciled to himself. God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to the earth to live a perfect life, and to die in our place. We did the crime, and He paid our punishment. Since our punishment has been paid, we can be set free when we turn from our sins, repent, ask God for forgiveness, and put our trust in Jesus and what He did for us.

So why can I have hope in times such as these? I believe God’s promises. He has said if I trust in Him, I can have eternal life. When I stay close to Him by praying and reading the Bible and doing what He said to do, I feel the peace that defies understanding. There is no fear when even death can’t harm you. If I live, I live for Christ in thankfulness of what He’s done for me. If I die, I go to be with Him. It’s a win-win situation!

I am asking you to put down pride and turn to Jesus before this time of God’s wrath being poured out on Earth comes. I can guarantee you will be glad you did. When I think about how I did all those horrible things, but Jesus stood in my place and took my death penalty under such painful circumstances, I am so grateful.

Thank you Jesus! May your goodness and mercy be made evident for all to see. May the blindness be removed from each person’s eyes so that they may receive your redemption. Send your spirit to lead them in repentance. May your peace and love and joy come upon the whole earth. Amen.