Looking forward to things returning to normal?


That would be nice, eh? Go back to the way the things were. No masks. No fear. No darkness.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it ain’t going to happen. It’s time. All the signs from the Bible are in place...like hundreds of them. It’s the time in the Bible where God’s judgment rains down on the earth. One world government. No buying or selling without taking their chip/vaccine/mark. Total orwellian control. Read the Book of Revelation, cause we’re here.

But I am not writing this to depress you more. There’s Good News. All this has a purpose. It’s God’s effort to turn people away from evil and to the good. We’re so hard-headed, we don’t turn to God for help until we are broken and have no other choice. It was that way for me.

So what does it mean to turn away from evil? There’s lots of stuff we don’t tend to consider that evil but God does. Like lying maybe. Or looking at a woman in lust. But God knows how these things end up. Lying hurts people. Looking with lust turns to action in being with a woman who isn’t your wife, and that breaks up marriages and families and causes all kinds of heartache. God’s trying to teach us and help us be free of these things that will hurt us.

What does it mean to turn to good, to God? The Bible is mainly a history of God’s chosen people and their interaction with God. It is so amazing. God gave us rules to keep us safe, and over and over and over we have broken them. But God is slow to anger and He is full of love and grace. He has given us space to repent from the things we do wrong. But the punishment for these things, sin, is death. God had compassion on mankind and sent His only begotten Son, Jesus down to earth to take our punishment for us. Jesus died in our place. We earned the death with our sins, but Jesus paid that death for us. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” When you accept this truth, and repent of your sins, you begin the process of turning toward the good and away from evil.

I heard someone joke that they didn’t like riding with Christian drivers because they had no fear of death. It’s funny because there is truth in it. When you’ve put your trust in Jesus, you are promised eternal life, so that even if you die physically, you live on with Jesus. And God always keeps His promises. If you have Jesus, there is nothing to fear from the world. The worst orwellian nightmare can not actually harm you. “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

But if you reject Jesus, you should fear. The death described in the Bible is not lights out, you’re done. It is eternity in the lake of fire, with the smoke of your torment rising up forever and ever.

The day of your decision is here. To me, the choice seems obvious because I’m so grateful that God himself came down to earth to suffer and die to set me free. How awesome is that?!? But you have free will and can make your own choice. Choose wisely.