Warning about the Vaccine

Most of you don’t know I have a degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics. I worked at Genentech for many years. Genentech makes genetically engineered drugs.


I have serious problems with the vaccines that are coming out for the c-virus. These mRNA vaccines have never been used on humans before. The purpose of an mRNA vaccine is to change YOUR DNA. It will insert a code to make your body produce a piece of the virus protein. This is supposed to activate your immune system to destroy this foreign protein and also the virus. So the problems:


1. They do not have total control of where the insertion into your DNA occurs. When this was done on a population of bacteria or fruit flies, well, who cares how many deaths they cause in the population. If the insertion is made in a segment of DNA that codes for a necessary protein for survival, well then the organism will die. To go from never trying this on humans to inoculating the whole world at once is pure madness.


2. What would be the long term effects of your body producing a virus protein all the time. There will be none of the normal controls on expression of the gene. It’ll just keep pumping out the protein. What will be the effect of your body having to fight that off constantly? At Genentech they altered bacteria to produce various proteins, but the goal was to produce as much of the protein as possible. The health and survival of the bacteria wasn’t the goal.


3. They plan to give the vaccine to health workers and essential workers first. If you kill off all these people, where will you be?


4. What are the spiritual ramification of this? We are made in the image of God. After we change our DNA, we will no longer be what God created. Will we then be made into the image of Satan? Will we be like Esau, who exchanged his birthright for a bowl of stew? Esau cried and tried to repent after this, but was unable to do so.