A Prayer

Oh God, You have blessed me far beyond what I deserved

For I was wicked and rebellious

Yet you saved me and have tenderly cared for me.


How can such goodness exist? How can you love so much?

That your own Son would suffer and die in my place?

What am I that you should care for me so?


My God, You made the heavens and the earth

You gave all we needed to dwell here

All life springs forth out of your loving hands.


All the world, be still and consider the greatness of our God.

Sit quietly and contemplate His creation

How the works of His hands are beauty and give blessing.


His hands are the hands of healing.

They wash us clean when we put our trust in Him.

His hands are purifying hands that take away our transgressions.


His Word shows us the path of wisdom and righteousness

When we heed His Word, we avoid all the pitfalls

We avoid all the traps that so easily ensnare us.


Precious Lord, teach us Your ways that we may know Your Greatness.

Teach us to be Holy as You are Holy.

Show us how we may glorify You in all that we do.