Escape Before the Apocalypse

Unbelievably horrible things are about to start happening, but there is a way to escape. You don’t have to go through it. The Bible tells us of a time when you wouldn’t be able to buy and sell without a mark. We’re looking right at it. Their vacks passports won’t be enough. They will make you take a mark on your body that can be scanned so you can buy and sell. All the other events of the Book of Revelation in the Bible are looming:


Jesus opens the seals:

  • Rider on White Horse goes out to conquer (war)

  • Rider on Red Horse, peace taken from world, people killing one another

  • Rider on Black Horse with balances (famine)

  • Rider on the Pale Horse: 1/4 of the earth to be killed with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth

  • 5th Seal: martyrdom for those who hold to the Word of God

  • 6th Seal: Great earthquake, sun blackened, moon turned to blood, Stars fall from heaven

  • 7th Seal: Quiet in heaven for half an hour


Angels sound the trumpets:

  • Hail and fire mixed with blood thrown down to earth, 1/3 of trees and all green grass burned

  • Great mountain burning with fire thrown into sea, 1/3 of sea becomes blood, 1/3 of all sea creatures die, 1/3 of ships destroyed

  • Star Wormwood thrown to earth, 1/3 of fresh water undrinkable

  • Sun, moon and stars stricken and don’t shine 1/3 of time

  • Star (angel) falls from heaven and is given key to bottomless pit. Pit is opened and smoke darkens sun. Locusts come up from the pit to hurt those not sealed by God for 5 months. Men long for death but cannot die.

  • Angels release who have been bound in Euphrates to kill 1/3 of mankind. Army of horsemen (horses have lion’s heads and breathe fire and have serpent’s tails)

  • 7 thunders (not revealed what they said will happen). The kingdoms of the world now belong to Jesus.


7 Angels pour out bowls of last 7 plagues

  • Noisome sore on all who have the mark of the beast

  • Sea becomes blood, everything in it dies

  • All fresh water becomes blood

  • Sun scorches men

  • Beast’s kingdom darkened, pain for those in it

  • Euphrates dried up. 3 frog-like creatures come up, do miracles and gather all to the final battle

  • Lightning, biggest earthquake ever, islands gone, mountains flattened


This is just some of the terrible things that will happen. You can escape by turning to Jesus now. Like today. Put your trust in Jesus. He died to save you. You have been warned. What more can God do to get your attention? God must come and put an end to all the evil in this world.