What is a Christian?

It's not really what you see on the Christian TV channels. It is the Muslim man who in his zeal to learn about God, gives up family and risks his life to find the Truth, up close and personal. It is the drunk who can't live with himself any longer and turns to the only hope in the universe. It is the drug addict off the street miraculously transformed into the family man. It is the murderer who finds release from the bondage of what he's done in the forgiveness of Christ. It's the atheist who arrogantly sets out to disprove the Bible and finds The Truth there. I don't think it's so much in the church buildings, or with the televangelist, but more a one on one collision between the Creator of the Universe with His sinning creations that leads to men being reconciled to God.

When Christ walked this earth as a man, He reached out to the poor and downtrodden of society. These, like those mentioned above, could see their need for a savior. Christ didn't reach the self-satisfied religious, the rich, the powerful so much. These people did not see their need for a savior. It was more those who came to know that they'd done wrong and needed help desperately. These are the people who came to realize that they couldn't fix their lives, and turned to the only one who can do so. It's the drowning man grabbing hold of the only buoy in the ocean. It's the man on the plane who, when he sees it going down, puts on the parachute that is Jesus Christ.

What is it that these men cling to so tightly? That God, the Creator of all we see, loved us so much he was willing to come down to earth, be born as a man, live as a man, and suffer and die for our transgressions, so that we wouldn't have to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and resurrection 3 days later broke the curse of death that has plagued us since Adam and Eve. Those who put their trust in Jesus, like the Muslim who risks everything to follow Him, will have eternal life, their sins forgiven, forever reconciled to God.