Adored Sons

This morning I was thinking about he people I know who really have a special attachment to their sons: like my sisters in law Michele​ and Maria​ and my friend Debbie​ and those of you in NH might know Roger and Elizabeth (I hope you all don't mind me using you as an example). These guys just seem to really adore their sons, they're crazy about them! :) I'm sure there are others I could name, but these came to mind right off. And I was thinking they're kinda like how God loved his only son. He said, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

With that kind of love in mind, I was thinking about how God allowed His "beloved" Son to die, in order to save mankind. And not just die, but to die such a horrific death: beaten and scourged to badly they had ripped most of Jesus' skin off, ripped out his beard. And then he was nailed to a cross and left to die. Jesus endured such pain, but how much pain did the Father go through, watching His beloved go through all of that? God loved us enough that he was willing to endure his own pain and the pain that Jesus went through in order to redeem mankind. What kind of crazy love is that?

And what God's wrath must be against those who turn up their noses at the sacrifice of His only beloved Son? Those who say, "I don't need a saviour," or "Jesus wasn't really the Son of God, sacrificed on the cross." God and His Son did EVERYTHING they could to save mankind. There remains nothing but wrath for those who reject God and His Son.

So please, friends, think today about what has been done for you. If you've rejected God in the past, there is still a little time to change your mind, not much time though. If you wish to change, the Bible says to believe in Christ, put your trust in Him, make Him your Lord...there's several ways they try to explain the change that takes place when you put your faith in Christ. It is switching allegiance from the world to Christ. It's putting all your eggs in Christ's basket.