Reasons Why I Believe the Theory of Evolution is False

Reasons Why I Believe the Theory of Evolution is False


My background is in biochemistry, so the most compelling (to me) evidence that the Darwinian theory of evolution is false comes from DNA. DNA is described as the most compact holder of information in the universe. In all our experience, information comes from an intelligent source. When we see words written down into meaningful ideas, we don't think they came there by random chance of ink molecules on a page. The information needed to build a human being is so incredible and immense, it is difficult to imagine it coming about by random chance.

Nearly all the work in living systems is performed by proteins. Proteins are strings of amino acids folded into complex forms that then act as molecular machines in the body. They can be antibodies, which take down foreign invaders. They act as the transportation systems and messenger systems in the body. They build the structural components of the body.

Proteins are manufactured from the DNA. A certain sequence of DNA brings together certain amino acids to form a certain protein. The DNA is like the blueprint for building the protein. Once the string of amino acids are formed, they will then fold themselves into the working protein. If it's not folded right, based on its sequence of amino it won't function.

Darwin's theory of natural selection says that once in a great while, a mutation to the DNA will have beneficial effect. The organism with that mutated DNA will be better able to survive, and its genes will be passed on to the next generation. Darwin's natural selection can only apply to living organisms that already have DNA (nothing lives without DNA). Evolution totally fails to explain how chemicals formed themselves together into life. Darwin did not really even address the issue.

Darwin believed that we evolved from single celled life. Yet natural selection cannot explain where the new genetic information came from. Even the most simple life forms - single celled organisms have DNA molecules to form them that are millions of base pairs long. How did that come together by random chance? There is not even natural selection to guide it, because none of the molecules involved have life.

The mutations he described in natural selection delete information, they don't add new information. Say you have a DNA sequence ATTAC and you manage to get a mutation so that sequence become ATTAT. What happens is that the protein that that section of DNA was supposed to encode for becomes non functional. And if through millions of years of chance, that one time it forms a different protein, how would it get folded properly to function? Most mutation leads to death of the organism.

New research has shown that the DNA molecule is read backward and forward! You read it one way and it makes a protein, you read it backwards and it makes a different protein! This to me is the most compelling evidence against evolution. A beneficial mutation might happen once in a million years, but the mutation that would have to happen to the protein being formed in the opposite direction would have to be positive also.

Irreducible Complexity

Another idea that speaks volumes against Darwinian evolution is the idea of irreducible complexity. Take an eye, for example. A complex organ such of this has hundreds of component parts that must all be assembled together for the whole to function. The component parts don't have any function by themselves. A simpler illustration is a mouse trap. The component parts don't do anything. There's no reason to select for the component parts -- they are useless by themselves. A whole mousetrap with all its component parts are needed to come together at once for the trap to operate. Darwin himself admitted that if a structure was so complex that it couldn't come together by incremental changes, then his theory is invalid. Even in "simple" organisms like a bacteria, systems are so complex that they need many component parts of an organ to come together all at once for the organ to function, an example being bacterial flagellum.

Questioning Evolution not Allowed

No one is allowed to question theory of evolution in universities or in scientific journals. I find this interesting and quite non-scientific. Maybe there's another agenda involved.
Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed

Some Useful Sources

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