The Father

There once was a man who very much desired a child. So he built him a house and found himself a wife, and together they went about the business of making a child. In due time the child was born -- a son! The man carefully provided for his child. He worked to provide food and clothing and made sure he was educated. He loved him and had much joy in watching him grow.

But as the boy grew older, he grew rebellious. He fell in with people who encouraged him to drink much alcohol and take drugs. The father was much concerned and attempted to discipline the boy, as loving fathers will do. But the boy would not receive the father's discipline and ran away with his friends. He said, "I have no father. No one will keep me from doing what I want to do." The boy partied and had fun, but one day took too many drugs and died of overdose.

The father was inconsolable with grief. He had given the boy all, but the boy had no appreciation of what was given to him.

Now, imagine how God the Father must feel. He created this beautiful world to house us. He provided us with food. He gave us the Bible so we might learn. If we strayed, He disciplines us, as loving fathers will do. But we've turned away from him, wanted to do things our way, claimed He didn't even exist! No one will tell *us* what we must not do!

God must be inconsolable with grief.