Satanic Ritual Abuse

There's a silent and deadly epidemic in this country. You see it periodically played out with these lone gunmen that keep popping up. It's called various things: Satanic Ritual Abuse, Project Monarch, Manchurian Candidates, etc. Children are being taken in this country and given over to groups perpetrating mind control on their innocent victims. Satanic groups do this, witches, and the government. You ever wonder why kidnapping victims are rarely found? The government is complicit in this.

The mind control is done through sexual abuse and horrific torture. Children are made to kill, to eat human flesh, and every degradation imaginable to the depraved human mind. Under such abuse, the mind will fragment. People wind up with many distinct personalities. The people doing this abomination are then able to program these sub-personalities. The front person is rather normal seeming, with no memory of the abuse and no knowledge of the other personalities. Sub personalities are trained as killers, informers, people who can do the mind control on others, and many more functions.

We are now in the third generation. Mind control victims give over their children to have the same done to them. Families involved in Satanism and the occult give over their children for this. They call themselves "Chosen ones". Think Frank Herbert and his army steeled by the harshest of conditions in the Dune books. The purpose is to create a controlled super-army.

Read this book: What Witches Don't Want Christians to Know by Mary Lou Lake. It is the story how the author gradually realized that she had been a victim of mind control. Gradually she realized that her whole town in MO had been victimized in this way. As she began remembering her past, she recalled an incident where she went to the dentist and was worked on without anaesthesia. She recounts how, as only a child, she was able to grit her way through the experience. Not normal at all! Through her faith in Christ, she was able to be healed of what had been done to her, and she was able to help others who had been victimized. There are many other books out there by people who have been victimized. It is estimated that there are millions of these victims in the US, based on all the multiple personality disorders that show up in the mental wards.

The practice is rampant in Hollywood, You see child actors get fame, and then go crazed. It's not just from having all the money and fame, they've had this done to them. Katy Perry apparently has given herself over willingly for fame and fortune, and what a mess she is now!

Common symptoms of mind control: missing periods of time in memory, waking up in places with no memory of how you've gotten there, waking up in clothes you didn't go to sleep in, having many nicknames, havning clean fetishes (victims are often made to eat detestable things), vivid dreams of abuse (memory starts to return at around age 30), starting to have memories of abuse.

Satanists are now wanting people to believe they are rather innocuous, that they never hurt children. This is untrue. Don't be fooled. Not all children they take are given to mind control. Some are killed in blood sacrifice.

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