Pray for those who persecute you

Christians, you got a problem with Muslims and what they're doing? Do you pray for them? You got a problem with this politician or that politician? Do you pray for them? You got a problem with the gay agenda? Do you pray for the homosexuals? You got a problem that your neighbor done you wrong? Do you pray for for your neighbor? You got a problem that your boss or coworker done you wrong? Do you pray for them?

I've heard some truly amazing testimonies of people's lives that have been turned around completely cause some Christian started praying for them. This man was into every kind of devil worship, drank human blood, but *one* woman at a bank saw his cancelled check to the church of satan and started praying for him. Suddenly the powers he had received from his satanic rituals were gone. He grew ill and began to search for anything that could help him. Satan abandoned him. One mentor early on had told him to go to the Mormon church if he was ever in deep trouble. He figured this was the time and joined the Mormons. He delved into all the evil there, but also happened to read the Bible. It changed his life, and he was saved out of his life of darkness.

This guy was a drug addict, satan worshiper, but had his life turned around while a church was praying for him.

This lady was a lesbian and found God she says because family and friends kept praying for her.

(This is a message to myself as much as anyone)