Fence Sitting

Sitting on the Fence

You believe that God exists, but do not do what God has asked of you. He created you and this whole universe. He knows what is best. He has chosen to reveal himself in the Bible, our instruction manual. What does it tell us to do? Put our trust in Him.

So why do that now, when it would mean changing your life? Why not wait until you're old and about to die? There are many reasons to put your trust in God.

One is to be in alignment with the truth. Who wants to live a lie? If you are going through life under misconceptions about the nature of the world, you're not going to make good decisions about the best way to live. Take for example a blind man. A friend describes to him the world around him. He says, "Don't go off to the left, there is a cliff, and you'll fall." The blind man doesn't believe in cliffs and walks to the left anyway and falls off and dies. The truth was there, but he refused to believe it.

Another reason to put one's faith in God is to be free of the bondage of sin. Jesus came to set the captives free. Sin ties us to Satan and gives him leave to plague us. Maybe you see sin as good times, but it never works out that way in the long run. To the person who lies, maybe that is expedient at the moment, but it tends to come back on you. Trust is destroyed. The person involved in fornication has fun in the moment, but endures agony at the break ups. The person cheating on a spouse whoops it up until the time they fiind they've destroyed the love and trust of the spouse they loved. Jesus can set us free of the dominion of sin over our lives.

Jesus came to offer us eternal life. All we have to do is put our trust in Him, repent from our sins, turn to him and away from sin. Eternity is an awfully long time to be either experiencing unending bliss or unending punishment. Our physical lives are limited to a certain number of days. None of us knows how many. Waiting to come to the truth is not a good plan.