Intercessory Prayer

Regarding praying or enemies, for me it starts out like, "Ok, I'll hold my nose and do this." But after a while, anger and bitterness dissipate and I come around to wishing the people well. It'd be really hard to pray for someone while simultaneously holding on to hatred for them.

" You and I may be naturally hard, and harsh, and unlovely of spirit, but praying much for others will remind us we have, indeed, a relationship to the saints, that their interests are ours, that we are jointly concerned with them in all the privileges of grace. I do not know anything which, through the grace of God, may be a better means of uniting us the one to the other than constant prayer for each other. You cannot harbour enmity in your soul against your brother after you have learned to pray for him. If he hath done you ill, when you have taken that ill to the mercy seat, and prayed over it, you must forgive. Surely you could not be such a hypocrite as to invoke blessings on his head before God and then come forth to curse him in your own soul. When there have been complaints brought by brother against brother, it is generally the best way to say, "Let us pray before we enter into the matter." -- Charles Spurgeon