Jesus' Triumphal Entry

I have never heard anyone talk about this. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey colt that had never been ridden. I've always hiccoughed on this. No one ever talks about how this in itself was a miracle. Horses and donkieys that have never been ridden can't just be ridden....they'll freak out. They have to be broken first. But Jesus was able to just ride one. Did He automatically break the animal? Was his presence so calming that He couldn't freak out the creature?

I found this answer on how to break a donkey colt:

" It would help to know if you're familiar with training at all. The donkey social structure is different than horses, and the method of gentling and training donkeys is different as well. Donkeys are analytical and methodical and don't yield to pressure, whereas horses are mostly the opposite when training.

You'll probably want to start with a halter rather than a bridle, you may need to try a squeeze chute after the donkey has become accustomed to it. With every new thing you try, the donkey needs to become curious about what you're doing and come to accept it.

*Step 1: Familiarize the donkey with your and his environment. It is necessary to establish a trust with the donkey to get him to cooperate. Be friendly and consistent in your temperament, approach, body language and tone.

*Step 2: Use your voice as the first tool of training and start with small commands for following you, backing up, slowing down and lifting her feet for the farrier to inspect. Make your commands clear and consistent. Donkeys are slow learners and they can get confused and startled by anything new. Repetition is the key.

*Step 3: Combine the voice commands with treats like carrots or apples during the initial training phase. Use them only as rewards and not as a bribe. Gradually change the rewards to verbal praises and pats.

*Step 4: Introduce the halter to the donkey by rubbing his back with it and holding it near his face while giving treats. This familiarizes the donkey with the position in which the halter is fastened. Slide the noseband on and praise him for his cooperation. Take off the halter and repeat it until he is accustomed to it.

*Step 5: Lead the donkey by pulling the rope gently with voice commands. If she does not move, pull her on her side in a circle, so she takes a step to maintain her balance.

*Step 6: Train the donkey to lift his legs for hoof inspection by getting him comfortable with grooming. Use your hands and a soft broom to stroke down the legs all the way to the knee. With gentle praises, lift his leg without enclosing his ankle in your hand and put it back down.

Tips & Warnings

* Repeat all commands and training, without overworking, for the donkey to get comfortable in following them.
* Use praises every time while training, as donkeys really love to please their owners.

If you're not experienced in training, you may want to bring in a trainer to help and put you on the right track. Here's an article that has some introductory information: it was written for folks adopting wild burros, and may be useful to you: "

Musing on this made me wonder about how Jesus breaks us, because He can only use the broken. It is the broken man who admits he is a sinner. It is a broken man who admits he needs God. It is a broken man who kneels down to beg forgiveness.

So does Jesus break us like donkeys? Does He do it analytically, slow and steady, and praising us along the way? Does He makes us comfortable following Him?

Do we wind up loving to please Him? I hope so!


"True sacrifice to God is a broken spirit. A broken and chastened heart, God, you will not despise. " Psalm 51:17

“I live in a high and holy place, but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit” Isaiah 57:15