Ayn Rand and God

You say that you're a moral person and do not need God to tell you right from wrong. That isn't really what we need God for. Each of us has a conscience, so in that sense, you are right. Our problem comes in when we do things we know are not right. Like for example, have you ever told a lie? Do you like to be lied to? So then you do know it's not a great thing to do. You keep it hidden in secret because you know it to be wrong.

Is there a God? Does the Bible contain the truth about God?

Don't let pride keep you from considering:


* Without DNA there is no life in this world.

* DNA is one of the most amazingly complex chemicals around. It contains the information necessary to build and reproduce an organism.

* Consider the probability that even if you have all the components of DNA sitting around together, that they would form themselves into DNA. In our bodies, DNA is put together by a complex system of protein "machines". These "machines" are in turn cranked out by our DNA. You can't have one without the other.


Sin Immeasurable

by the REV. C. H. Spurgeon

"Who can understand his errors?"—Psalm 19:12.

Intercessory Prayer

Regarding praying or enemies, for me it starts out like, "Ok, I'll hold my nose and do this." But after a while, anger and bitterness dissipate and I come around to wishing the people well. It'd be really hard to pray for someone while simultaneously holding on to hatred for them.

Fence Sitting

Sitting on the Fence

You believe that God exists, but do not do what God has asked of you. He created you and this whole universe. He knows what is best. He has chosen to reveal himself in the Bible, our instruction manual. What does it tell us to do? Put our trust in Him.

So why do that now, when it would mean changing your life? Why not wait until you're old and about to die? There are many reasons to put your trust in God.



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