Who is Jesus?

    What I say about Jesus:

Jesus is my kinsman redeemer
He is my Lord, my Savior
He is deserving of all glory
Jesus is the Son of the Living God
He is the Creator
He is the Messiah of the Israelites
Jesus holds the title deed to the earth
He is the Good Shepherd
He is holy
Jesus is healer
Jesus knows all your thoughts
He is our only hope
He is a historical figure
He rose from the dead
He is alive
He lived a perfect, sinless life
He is the author of the Bible

What is a Christian?

It's not really what you see on the Christian TV channels. It is the Muslim man who in his zeal to learn about God, gives up family and risks his life to find the Truth, up close and personal. It is the drunk who can't live with himself any longer and turns to the only hope in the universe. It is the drug addict off the street miraculously transformed into the family man. It is the murderer who finds release from the bondage of what he's done in the forgiveness of Christ. It's the atheist who arrogantly sets out to disprove the Bible and finds The Truth there.

Why Pretribulation Rapture?

A preacher/author that I like asked the question, and I'll paraphrase a little cause I didn't write it down while listening: "If there is a pretribulation rapture, if God is going to take out His people before the tribulation, they why didn't he do so in Roman times when Christians were being burned, why not now in the Middle East when Christians are being killed?"


Jesus willingly suffered and died on the cross in our place -- we sinned, He paid our penalty. But Jesus dead in the grave is not the end of the story. He was raised from the dead as the first fruits of the resurrection. This is His promise to us, that those who trust in Him will also be resurrected to eternal life with Him.

1 Corinthians 15
The Resurrection of the Messiah

Original Sin

If you don't understand about original sin, I don't think you've understood anything about God, the Bible, or human history even. Adam was created perfect, and Eve out of Adam. Eve was deceived by Satan into thinking that they could be like God. (Satan is still using this deception today, in pretty much every man-made religion, that is, everything but Christ.) Adam and Eve disobeyed God, their Creator, being warned previously that such disobedience would cause them to die. Die they did, and the human race was cursed with death and all of creation cursed with them.



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