Escape Before the Apocalypse

Unbelievably horrible things are about to start happening, but there is a way to escape. You don’t have to go through it. The Bible tells us of a time when you wouldn’t be able to buy and sell without a mark. We’re looking right at it. Their vacks passports won’t be enough. They will make you take a mark on your body that can be scanned so you can buy and sell. All the other events of the Book of Revelation in the Bible are looming:


Jesus opens the seals:

  • Rider on White Horse goes out to conquer (war)

Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast

I was fasting and praying last week, and got a word from the Lord.  This was the first time I had any word of knowledge.  I had asked a few times before if the people taking the vaccine are lost.  While I was praying about something else, I heard that "They are lost".  Since then I have looked into more and am convinced that this vaccine is actually the mark of the beast.  

"he decrees that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name."

We are on the Titanic

Have you noticed all the crazy stuff going on in the world? Floods, fires, coronavirus, threats of war, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes? We’ve seen all this stuff before, but not on this scale and not all at once. It’s a warning from God. This Titanic is going down. Get on the lifeboat now! There will be a time soon where it will be too late to escape. The stuff that will happen in the 7 year tribulation period will be so horrific...I can assure you that you don’t want to be here for it. Read the Book of Revelation. It’s easy to’s the last book in the Bible.

A Prayer

Oh God, You have blessed me far beyond what I deserved

For I was wicked and rebellious

Yet you saved me and have tenderly cared for me.


How can such goodness exist? How can you love so much?

That your own Son would suffer and die in my place?

What am I that you should care for me so?


My God, You made the heavens and the earth

You gave all we needed to dwell here

All life springs forth out of your loving hands.


All the world, be still and consider the greatness of our God.

If I Could Talk to My Father One More Time…

If I could talk to my father one more time, I would tell him about what Christ did for me.  I would tell him how I was an adulterer and a fornicator and a liar and a murderer.  I would tell him how I deserved God's judgment:  the death penalty...eternity in hell.  I would tell him how God gave me a chance - He sent his only begotten son to die in my place.  I would tell him how Christ suffered, taking the punishment meant for me, dying in my place, setting me free.  I would tell him how I finally repented and had my sins washed away.  I would tell him how God has been cleaning me up since t

Tribulation is Coming

The signs are all there that the Tribulation period is about to begin. Most of the world’s population will die over the 7 years. The Bible says that if God had not cut this period short, all flesh would die. The last time that God judged the whole world, only 8 people survived.




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