Hard Lessons

The dog really loved chasing and killing chickens, when he could get hold of them. He loved laying there watching them, literally drooling over them. I couldn't talk him out of it. I set up an electric fence. His first (and last) interaction with it was taking hold of one of the insulators to chew on it. He got lit up pretty good...inside the mouth. He hasn’t gone near the chickens since then.

I was thinking how God tries to warn us away from sin. He can tell us over and over. He warns us so much. But eventually He has to give us hard lessons to make us listen.

What Will it Take?

God your Creator is trying to get your attention.

What will it take for you to listen?

What will it take for you to repent and return to the Creator?

Race riots?
War destroying your country?
Stars falling from Heaven?
Fire and hail raining down, mixed with blood?
Seas becoming blood?
Fresh water poisoned?
Sun and moon darkened?
Plague of sores?
Rivers turned to blood?
100 lb hailstones?
Scorching heat?

Jesus the Fence

I started raising chickens. Who knew that my sweet dog would return to pure wolf when chickens were around? The chickens don't seem to be real brainiacs, so sometimes they leave their enclosure. I was thinking, "Don't you know there is death waiting, drooling outside of this fence?" This got me to musing about the fence: the fence is just like Jesus. Stay inside the fence and there is life, and life abundantly. Outside the fence/Jesus is only ravenous wolves and death. Go into the fence and stay in!



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